Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hardly ever get on this blog, but I hope to do more of that as time goes on. It's a New Year's goal.
I am so greatful as I pass into 2010. I have a healthy family, a clean organized house (generally speaking of course), my yard is manageable, I have loyal friends and family members who love me. My enemies are at bay and life is GOOD! I have only God to thank for this. I pledged my life to him long ago, but every day I pray that he will use me to further his kingdom, and that I will feel those promptings and DO them! (I often get the's the action I tend to fall short on)
I hope all of you who check this blog have a great new YEAR and that come what may with our country that we are found on the front lines defending GOD and FAMILY and the CONSTITUTION!!!


Kathleen and Stephan Seable said...

Great! Glad to see you posting. Put up some pictures so we can see the children as they blossom. Love, mom

Kathleen and Stephan Seable said...

Ha, the second time the blog came up there were more pictures. Guess it was slow in loading. We always enjoy pictures. oxoxoxoxoxo

Mark and Kiss said...

Hear hear!!!! Love you Heath! Yes, I am going to try to blog a bit more too, then print out the blog into a book, sort of a family journal with pictures. Smooches!

Kathleen and Stephan Seable said...

It's almost the end of April. How are you doing on your resolution? Ha, ha. We love you!!!