Saturday, January 8, 2011

LOST CAMERA FOUND Pictures from 2005 revealed

Well, this was a surprise! I was searching for flashcards in a deep recess and found an old camera that I thought was lost! Well, it HAD been lost...for FIVE YEARS!!! WHOA...time does fly whether you're having fun or not. hahah. But I have it very documented that fun is was being had in 2005 and continues to be had in 2011! We had a couple of snow trips. One to Tahoe (the cave) with our neighbors and then One to Utah with Aunt Jo and Aunt Ali and visiting a former Roomate, Julie (in Salt Lake City). Ephraim was looking at the pictures and says he doesn't remember this AT all...he was 4...I guess it's time to visit UTAH in the snow again.


Mark and Kiss said...

Love it!!!! Treasures to be found in hidden places, I wonder what we will find when we move this summer, ha ha ha. The kids look so little and cute. Good times!

Anonymous said...

This is the age I always picture your kids in my head.