Friday, July 13, 2007

water skiing and tubing fun!

Our neighbors invited us out on their boat! What a blast. Autumn goes with them all the time. It was our family's FIRST time all together. Even Reg came. What a treat. The kids loved going fast on the tube. The girls liked going faster than the boys did. I wonder how long that will last? There isn't much better play than water and sun and a FAST BOAT! Ephraim and Ben got to drive and So DID REG! haha! Ephraim was the craziest driver, Ben was the best...sorry Reg.


Jo Schaffer said...

Fabulous! I am missing all this fun!

Mark and Kiss said...

What a blast! How fun that your kids get to enjoy boating! I loved doing that when we were kids, haven't done it in years! I love the pictures! It is so fun to see you and the kids, they are beautiful!