Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Civil war at Duncan Mills, CA

You know, it was so weird. The boys were drilling all morning to know how to march in formation, "fake" a hit and fall to the ground for the "show" (hundreds of people come to watch) and it was all fun and games, but when the actual battle started I was standing in the woods behind the cannons ( I wasn't in the battle but Autumn and Spring were out there somewhere as nurses) I saw Ben and Ephraim standing a few yards in front of me waiting and watching the big scene before us and Ephraim reached over and took Ben's hand and I just felt a sick wave rise up in my chest and I began to sob uncontrolably. As the cannons roared and the guns smoked and the men and women yelled and manuvered I wept. I was not expecting that reaction but it was horrible. I guess I was also thinking the the civil was happened because our country turned on the church of God and drove them out. And now our country is doing that again and we are ripe for another war on our own land and my children may very well be facing that battle for reals! It was an awesome and sobering event. The weight of that battle was lightened by the wonderful dance held that evening.. The girls were swirling in their hoop skirts and the boys were dashing in their uniforms!


Jo Schaffer said...

So awesome!

Kathleen and Stephan Seable said...

What a wonderful, enriching experience. Go family!

Kim Myers said...

I understand how you feel dear cousin. It has weighed heavily on me thinking our boys could be doing that same thing. What a great experience for you family though.